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We are an Authorized Training Provider from Rescue 3 USA and Europe with the capability to delvier courses anywhere in the world all year around to the White Water industry.

This course is designed to any person interested in learning new water-based rescue techniques that would make your excursions feel more confortable and safe when paddling among friends. Does not require any previous experience except being able to swim comfortable.
Duration: 2 Days theory and practice modules (effective 14hrs)

This is a great opportunity for Whitewater Professionals to improve and learn new whitewater-based rescue skills and systems that are crucial when confronting an incident scenario at work.
Duration: 3 Days + 1 night activity (effective 18hrs)
Requirements: Active raft guide, whitewater Kayaker, Canyoning guide.

If you have taken your WRT-Pro and want to upgreade and learn Vertical rescue, this is the course you're looking for. Learn the systems techniques that would help you to have integrity on your vertical rescues when paddling along deep gorges with difficult emergency exits.
* New vertical rescue theory
* Combine water and vertical rescue during your practice
* Minimum technical equipment carried in your life vest and water crafts
Duration: 4 Days + 1 full night search (effective 24hrs)

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México, Portugal, Norway


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